Art in Noordhoek

If it's an artist hideaway you are seeking then look no further than the beautifully established Enchanted Garden Chalet or Cottage which are situated on a two-acre property in Noordhoek. The establishment is owned by well-known artist, Sonia Jacka, who specialises in portraits.  The Enchanted Garden borders on Table Mountain National Park. It is a common occurrence to observe fish eagles, hawks, jackal Buzzards, owls and mongoose. A variety of hens, geese, ducks and guinea fowl roam all over the property. You will also find yourself in the company of 5 miniature horses, a Great Dane, a Daschund and a pig called Penelope. 

Sonia says that she's always been fascinated by drawing or painting portraits and she enjoys the challenge of trying to capture the uniqueness of the individual on her canvas. Sonia is also inspired by nature and is passionate about animals (hard not to be when you are living in Noordhoek!). 

  She has painted portraits for private individuals, corporate companies and for television.  She also gives workshops on portraiture to artists in her studio in Noordhoek. One of her most special occasions was when she painted the portrait of Archbishop Tutu. Painting the portrait of Helen Zille, currently the Premier of the Western Cape, was also very memorable. 

If you need more convincing then take a look at what one of the guests wrote about in their review on Enchanted Garden: "The Chalet has some wonderful paintings by Sonia, who is an established artist.  Noordhoek is scenically top notch, and the views from Enchanted Garden are unmatched. Sunsets can be mindboggling, cloud over the mountains changes constantly." 

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