Noordhoek Tourism took some time out to interview Lynne-Marie Eatwell who has lived in Noordhoek since about 2001 when she moved from Johannesburg with her family.  

Soon after moving to Noordhoek they opened the Eatwell Gallery at the Noordhoek Farm Village.  The gallery has now been open for 8 years.  Lynne lives across the road and has her own art studio and her parents work as picture framers. 

We asked Lynne some questions: 

What is your favourite part about living in Noordhoek? 

I love the sense of community, we are close to busy life but still have that small town family feel. I love walking my dog on the common and the beach and treating familiar faces. Then there is the beauty of the place the oak trees, mountain and Beach what more could one want? 

Please tell us about the Eatwell Gallery?  

I work in my studio everyday and on those cold days I have a wonderful fire going, We are a family of painters as my brother Eric and mom Mags also paint, My dad Tom does the picture framing. The Studio is on the main road just across from the Farm Village and usually we have an open studio once a year around December but seeing as though I am here this winter (I usually travel in the winter months) I thought that it would be nice to have a small exhibition this month on 22 August. 

The whole family paints and my Brother Eric who lives in the Eastern Cape will also be sending some of his new works as well as some new paintings by my Mom Mags. We paint oil paintings in a sort of Impressionist style and we tend to paint what we see around us so there will be some local scenes as well. 

Tell us something special you would like to share with us: 

.Noordhoek is more to me than just a place to live in, the people who live here are half of what makes it so special and I feel that I am a part of it as much as it is a part of me. 

Where is your favourite holiday spot? 

When I do go on holiday it is usually some place far away and someplace that I have never been to before, then I stay away for a few months just to force myself to relax as when I am home I don't sit still for a minute, there is too much to paint, too much to do, digging in the garden, building something new, making cool stuff with old wood that I have found, riding horses or walking on the beach. But when I take that drive from the airport and turn that one corner on Oukaapseweg that lays the valley out before you my heart feels happy and I am home. 

Thank you Lynne for sharing with us! 

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