From Engineer to Instrument Maker

As an accomplished performer, the wish to make his own instruments led Bill Robson to suspend his initial career as an electronics engineer. He had graduated from Southhampton University with an honours degree, having first obtained a mechanical engineering diploma with distinction, at the Bristol Aeroplane Technical College.

Bill makes harpsichords and pipe organs, strictly in the style of the 17th/18th centuries. To date he has completed over forty handmade instruments of the harpsichord family, as well as a dozen pipe organs.

Bill has also re-constructed an 18th century T- shaped house from existing ruins.  For the last several years, an archaeologist has been documenting a cottage on the site, of unknown date.  For the main house,  Bill remade all the woodwork and most of the iron fittings as well.  The house is ideal for performing 18th century (baroque) music,  and a group of musicians meet there on the last Sunday of every month at 4:00pm to play music, on original "period" instruments.  Anyone is welcome to come and listen.  Entry is free,  either bring something to eat or drink, or make a donation.

Bill says he lives in Noordhoek because it's almost like living in the country! 

For more about Bill, please go to his website: