Personality of the month - October 2015

This month we chose to interview Christopher Strangways-Dixon - who is well known for his work with the Noordhoek Common Committee.  The committee are a great and dedicated team of locals who really care about the Common and its future. 

Christopher has been living in Noordhoek for 15 years and says that he loves living here because it has the feel of the English country-side next to the beach, surrounded by mountains, with the Common at its centre and a quick drive into town for some entertainment - perfect! 

When I asked him "why the Common" - Christopher says that to care for something properly you have to be actively involved.  The Committee have planted over 200 trees in the last three years, repaired countless swings and fences and even helped a few fairies :) 

In his "spare" time, Christopher owns a software company and says his favourite holiday locations are in the African bush in his tent or European alp skiing. 

I'm sure the residents of Noordhoek join me in thanking him for all his dedication to keep the Noordhoek Common in top shape for us to be able to enjoy it. 

Written by Adrienne Taylor / Photo cred: Mia Matthews Photography (extracted from the Noordhoek Common Facebook page)