Photo Competition Judges 2016

Noordhoek Tourism is very pleased to have all three of our well experienced judges back from last year’s competition. A little introduction in their field of work and of course with this year’s theme being “ Noordhoek Animals”, we had to ask them “What is your favourite animal?”.

ImageLynne Eatwell

Lynne-Marie Eatwell is a young painter with exceptional talent. Working with oil, her subject ranges from people and portraits to yachts, and life around her. She’s currently working on a collection of sculptures and paintings dedicated to the horse. At “The Eatwell Studio” on Noordhoek main road just across the street from Noordhoek Farm Village, you will find Lynne's working studio as well as an exhibition of the current work of the Eatwell family.

Lynne’s favourite animals

“My favourite animals to paint are Horses, they are also my favourite animal in real life as well as dogs. Noordhoek has so many beautiful animals, one of the most exciting ones for me to see is the African Harrier Hawk or Gymnogene.”

Stephen Cruickshank Image

Stephen Cruickshank, owner and chief photographer of StephenC Photography. He has more than 15 years of experience as a commercial photographer and is specialises in event and incentive travel photography. Stephen is also available for family portraits and has recently started a series of Ladies with their horses, girls with their ponies. Noordhoek has some of the best locations for this type of photography.

Stephen’s  favourite animal

“My favourite animal? A question so often asked by my daughters - often followed by “what is your favourite colour….”. I have a love for all animals so from leopards in the bush to dolphins in the sea. They are all magnificent.

As much as animals are a challenge to photograph I still love taking pics of them. Just like with children. At the moment I am photographing lots of horses and in the process I am getting to gel with these magnificent animals. They have so many nuances and wonderful characters - and I have learnt to always get photos with their ears pointing forward! Horses give Noordhoek such character. Noordhoek would be a very different place without it’s horses.”

ImageDavid Bruce

David Bruce is an internationally renowned fine art photographer known for his portraits of the Ju/'hoansi Bushmen. After living in London for 20 years he returned to South Africa and now lives in Noordhoek. His work has been exhibited in London and New York and is held in private collections around the world. He is currently working on a new project, 'African Landscapes' documenting the last great wilderness regions of Africa.

David’s favourite animal

Having spent so much time in the Kalahari with the bushmen, I’ve development a great love and respect of animals in the wild, especially elephants, vultures and wild dogs. My favourite animals in Noordhoek are the Porcupine and the African Wood Owl with regular sightings in our garden. And of course our own dog Stockey can’t be left out, his sweet character wins everyone over.”

Want to join the competition?

Send your photographs to  with your  full name, contact details (email and phone number),  and  title of the photo. The competition ends on 31th of  May 2016. More information and all the T&Cs can be found here. The photo will be displayed in our Facebook Album ‘Photo Competition Noordhoek Animals’.